Carter Sifferman

I am a Computer Science PhD student at University of Wisconsin - Madison, advised by Michael Gleicher and Mohit Gupta.

My work utilizes low-level techniques from computational imaging to improve robot perception. I am most interested in time-of-flight proximity sensors for up-close and distributed robot sensing.

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Towards 3D Vision with Low-Cost Single-Photon Cameras
Fangzhou Mu*, Carter Sifferman*, Sacha Jungerman, Yiquan Li, Mark Han, Michael Gleicher, Mohit Gupta, Yin Li
CVPR , 2024
project page / bibtex / pdf

By modeling the image formation process and using a NeRF-like approach, we reconstruct 3D geometry from measurements of a miniature proximity sensor.

IKLink: End-Effector Trajectory Tracking with Minimal Reconfigurations
Yeping Wang, Carter Sifferman, Michael Gleicher
ICRA , 2024
bibtex / pdf

A method for tracking end effector trajectories while taking minimal breaks to reconfigure the arm position.

Unlocking the Performance of Proximity Sensors by Utilizing Transient Histograms
Carter Sifferman, Yeping Wang, Mohit Gupta, Michael Gleicher
RA-L In Proc. ICRA , 2024
project page / video / bibtex / code / pdf

Directly utilizing low-level information generated by optical time-of-flight sensors allows recovery of planar geometry and albedo from a single sensor measurement.

Exploiting Task Tolerances in Mimicry-based Telemanipulation
Yeping Wang, Carter Sifferman, Michael Gleicher
IROS , 2023
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Allowing a robot to move freely in non task-relevant degrees of freedom improves the telemanipulation experience.

Geometric Calibration of Single Pixel Distance Sensors
Carter Sifferman, Dev Mehrotra, Mohit Gupta, Michael Gleicher
RA-L in Proc. IROS , 2022
project page / video / bibtex / code / pdf

A depth sensor attached to a robot arm can be extrinsically calibrated relative to that robot arm using only an unknown planar surface.

Depth sensor-based in-home daily activity recognition and assessment system for stroke rehabilitation
Zoƫ Moore Carter Sifferman, Shaniah Tullis, Mengxuan Ma, Rachel Proffitt, Marjorie Skubic
Bioinformatics and Biomedicine (BIBM), 2019
bibtex / pdf

A system for automatic assessment of stroke patient recovery (e.g. range of motion), using an in-home depth camera.

Other Work

A Review of Scene Representations for Robot Manipulators
Carter Sifferman
bibtex / pdf

A literature review of 3D scene representations used by mobile manipulators.

Completed as part of my PhD Qualifying Exam

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